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Your Guide

Dedicated to reclaiming our human nature through personal connections with land, water, and wildlife.

At Home in The Mountains

Your guide, Dan Chase, grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina jumping from rocks into swimming holes, catching salamanders in streams, hiking and camping. Dan strengthened his appreciation for wild places, creatures, and plants as a camper at the Green River Preserve near Brevard, NC. He later joined the staff there and at other summer camps around the country.

Dan dedicated twenty-one years to a career in math education in middle- and high-schools. The draw to get outdoors and become a responsible member of the natural community eventually pulled Dan into the woods as a guide in 2021.

A Deeper Dive

As a child, Dan had little experience with outdoor activities like fishing or hunting. But later in life he found mentors to introduce him to these outdoor adventures. As a result, Dan discovered a deeper connection with animals, plants, and their habitats that comes with participating with them on their terms in their own space.


Dan invites you to share the joy and sense of belonging that comes from spending time in the wilderness. Your level of comfort and experience outdoors doesn’t matter! You are welcome to open your senses and learn a bit more about the real world — the world outside the office and beyond your phone.

Quotation Marks

“At Asheville Outdoor Experiences, we believe that the wild places are a part of each of us. Expanding our awareness of natural systems develops our ties to ancient and profound aspects of our own humanity.”

Dan Chase