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What We Offer

You are invited to share the joy and community that comes from spending time in the wilderness.

Regardless of your level of comfort and experience outdoors, you are welcome to open your senses and learn more about the real world — the world outside the office and beyond your phone.


Becoming re-acquainted with nature is not a luxury. It is a necessary aspect of mental and physical well-being in an increasingly indoor world. You are part of an incredible, ancient, delicately-balanced system. Invest a few hours to experience it firsthand, and you will be rewarded with peace, calm, and connection that you can bring back with you to home and work.


Under every rock, in every tree, and around every switchback of your path is an opportunity to learn about natural science, history, ecology, math, and more. Your tour guide is a career-educator with 21 years teaching in both traditional classrooms and outdoor education. He has served on senior teaching faculties at overnight and day camps around the country, primarily based in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.


Find yourself under a cold, clear waterfall. Meet a millipede face-to-face. Try a nibble of a wild edible root and discover natural plant medicine growing right in your backyard. Some of the most memorable moments are born of simple yet profound experiences. When you take the plunge to dive into a mountain swimming hole, you might just awaken a part of yourself you've forgotten.


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